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Presidential Award

Each year the President has the opportunity to select the member who has made a profound impact on the current League year. This member has provided exemplary service as a volunteer, and used her time and talents to further impact the League’s Mission. She is a hard worker, an effective communicator, and has a strong sense of responsibility that she portrays not only to her fellow volunteers but to the League as a whole. The President has witnessed outstanding service in this member that can best be recognized by bestowing upon her, the Junior League of Lafayette Presidential Award.

2021-2022 Emilia Pardo

Emilia Pardo served as Communications Vice President for the 2021-2022 League year. She accepted this challenging role and worked overtime all year to make the Communications Council successful. She edited every document created by the League, oversaw the transition of a printed Petit to a digital blog, and was instrumental in creating the Annual Video and Report. Her thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and love of the League were evident. Emilia was such a resource in managing the brand and made sure Junior League of Lafayette was recognized in the community. 

2020-2021 Amy Courvelle

The 2020-2021 Presidential Award recipient, Amy Courvelle, is a ten-year active Member, and she served as the Administrative Liaison for the League year. When the world changed in March 2020, we had no idea how much our League would be transformed; Amy did not miss a beat! Her ready smile, combined with an intense passion for our League, allowed her to stretch and learn new skills for our virtual and hybrid meetings. Always generous, kind, loyal, and dedicated, she is the epitome of poise and gracefulness.

2019-2020  Jeanette Chauvin

The Presidential Award is chosen each year by the President, in recognition of outstanding service for the year. As Chair of the Membership Development Committee, Jeanette further enhanced our Strategic Plan by providing learning opportunities to develop leadership skills our members could apply personally, professionally, and civically. President, Angelle Adams had a vision to bring engaging, meaningful membership development topics to every General Membership Meeting this year. Jeanette’s positive spirit and her creative leadership helped to facilitate seven different educational topics to our membership throughout the year.

2018-2019  Stacia Fontenot

The final award is selected by the President herself. This year’s recipient first touched the heart of the President while serving under her leadership in 2009. Always offering a kind word or a helping hand, she made her numerous hours of volunteering seem effortless. Her work ethic stands just as strong today as it did then. She served two placements this year and did so with her gentle spirit and commitment to the community. In these placements, she drew from her depth of League knowledge, empowered other women and graciously served. The 2018-2019 Presidential Award recipient was Stacia Fontenot.

2017-2018  Caroline Potier

Awarded by the President, this award is presented to a member who goes above and beyond the call of duty; so much so that it is presented by the League’s highest leaders. This year’s recipient is a women who puts others at ease, whose bright and kind personality is welcoming, and who becomes an instant friend to all who meet her. This year, she navigated countless phone calls, emails and meetings, all with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Always offering a kind word or a helping hand, she made what was a tough and challenging job seem effortless. Placed this year in one of the most challenging of roles, she drew from her depth of League knowledge, as well as navigated the joys, trials and tribulations of experiences that arose in members’ lives. The 2017-2018 Presidential Award recipient is Caroline Potier.

2016-2017  Roya Boustany

The Presidential Award is selected by the Junior League of Lafayette President and presented annually to one member who has done an extraordinary job in her placement. The 2016-2017 Presidential Award recipient is Roya Boustany. Roya has a passion for spreading awareness of our mission and vision into the community, and she values taking the time to get to know the ladies who make up this League. This passion started immediately in her League career, and as such she was recognized as Provisional of the Year (2013-2014) by her Provisional class. Since then, Roya has served as Junior Quiz Bowl Chair, was appointed to serve on Issue Based Community Impact, and represented JLL as an ODI delegate. Mid-way through this past year, Roya stepped up to the role of Admissions Chair. Whenever there was a chance to talk about the League – whether it be during a 5 a.m. on-air TV spot or with a potential member over coffee in the afternoon – she was committed to sharing her passion for the League. As Admissions Chair, she worked with the Marketing committee to develop a #WhyIJLL social media campaign which attracted new members during all seasons of their life to show what the League has to offer. Under her leadership, the committee presented 70 new candidates to the Board. Roya’s commitment to community is prevalent in all aspects of her life. She is an Assistant District Attorney for the 15th JDC District Attorney’s Office. She serves on the Board of Directors for Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana and Lafayette Young Lawyers, and is Treasurer of the Industrial Development Board. She was recently named a 2016-2017 Louisiana Bar Foundation Fellow. She is married to Alfred Boustany III and has one son, Ace.

2015-2016  Mary Courville

The 2015-2016 recipient of the Presidential Award was Mary Courville. In recognizing her recipient, President Maggie Simar stated these glowing remarks, “Mary has spent countless hours this year devoted to making things better for League members and the organization as a whole. She diligently spent many hours working to make sure our members had the ability to put their best foot forward to reach their best potential. She worked endlessly to allow members to give the most from their volunteer opportunities.”

In 2015-2016, Mary served as Placement Chair. She has previously served in various capacities on the Personnel, Communication, and Finance councils, and has served as an ODI Delegate, External Board Representative, and PEP Member at Large.

2014-2015  Angela Cring

Executive Director Angela Cring has the overall responsibility of planning and running LACGOE, a biennial exhibition and organization. This includes attracting and placing hundreds of exhibitors, selecting all required professional services providers and negotiating contracts; managing and coordinating staff, Board of Directors, and more than 30 committees with over 350 active volunteers’ duties, meetings, events and exposition budgets. Additional duties include representing LAGCOE in industry, state and community organizations and events; forecasting and budgeting organization finances; coordinating legal, insurance, real estate and all other organization business.

Originally from Alexandria, LA, Mrs. Cring has a B.S. in Environmental Geology and Political Science from Millsaps College and an M.S. in Geology from the University of Mississippi. She has experience both in the public and private sector, having worked for the United States Geological Survey and as a geo-hazards geologist.

Mrs. Cring is a 2013 Acadiana 20 Under 40 award recipient; graduate of the Leadership Louisiana 2013 Class; graduate of Leadership Lafayette Class XXIV; Chairman of the Leadership Institute of Acadiana; founding member of The Giving Revolution, A Giving Circle; and many oil and gas industry as well as exhibition and event industry associations. Her Junior League of Lafayette involvement has included serving on the Community Research Committee, Public Relations Committee as Step-up and Chair and on the Board of Directors.

Mrs. Cring has an extensive volunteer history including more than 10 years with Delta Delta Delta Fraternity as a Panhellenic Specialist, Collegiate District Officer and other leadership positions. She was involved for several years with the children’s programs at St. Barnabas Church and was a volunteer admissions counselor for Millsaps College.

Mrs. Cring resides in the heart of Lafayette with her husband, Chris, daughter, Annalise, dachshund, Mocha and German shepherd, Lexi.

2013-2014  Melanie Fowler

2012-2013  Hope Hebert

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Sustainer of the Year

The Sustainer of the Year is chosen for her outstanding volunteer service to our community. Her experience over the years has provided the historical knowledge to further impact the lives of women in our organization. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences with our members, and provides a wealth of guidance and expertise to League members. She further develops our present by highlighting the history of where we’ve come from. Junior League of Lafayette and the community is made better because of her commitment to service as a lifelong volunteer.

2021-2022 Dr. Ellen Cook

Dr. Ellen Cook served on the Board of Directors as a Director-at-Large. Her experience over the years has provided the historical knowledge to further impact the lives of women in our organization. Ellen helped run one of the best Project Evaluation and Planning weeks for our League, and she served as an advisor for the Budget Committee. Her calm demeanor, meticulous structure, helpful insights, and servant leadership have made her an invaluable Member of the League. She truly embodies our Mission by promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of so many women, and improving the community through her actions and leadership. 

2020-2021 Angela Morrison

Angela Morrison was the 2005-2006 Junior League of Lafayette President as well as the League’s first Black President. Angela served as President during the year of Hurricane Katrina, and she was the only other President that had to make the tough call to cancel Tinsel & Treasures in order to prioritize other community needs at the time. This year, she served as the Sustaining Advisor to the inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Committee. During the May 2021 Annual Meeting, she was recognized as Sustainer of the Year for her remarkable support of the Board of Directors and the President, for her incredible fortitude of character, and for her zeal to help the League grow.

2019-2020  Sally Herpin

The 2019-2020 Sustainer of the Year served as the 40th Anniversary Co-Coordinator for the celebration of our second cookbook, Talk About Good II. Herpin, Past President from 1977-1978, provided the historical knowledge and thoughtful insight from the publication of the cookbook. She shared her experience with the current Cookbook Committee, as well as served as an integral part of our collaboration with the featured exhibit at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans. The League is eternally grateful for the over 40 years of service that Herpin has given to JLL and the local community.

2018-2019  Lee Ann Remondet

Sustainers are truly gems within our League. They have come before us and helped lay the foundation of what our League is today. Some Sustainers continue to be engaged as Sustaining Advisors or even hold a placement open to Sustainers. This year’s Sustainer of the Year Award has long been remembered for her contributions during her League career, which began in 1998 and culminated with leading the League with poise and elegance while serving as our forty-ninth President. Her peers describe her as “graceful and insightful; always encouraging and listening to all sides of any issue. She is a true ambassador for Junior League!” Many women have grown, learned and developed as volunteers, women, and community leaders under her guidance. Serving as this year’s Sustaining Advisor to the Board, she was invaluable as an advisor, mentor, cheerleader and friend. She is also actively engaged in the community with other organizations such as Young Life and Second Harvest. The 2018-2019 Sustainer of the Year Award was presented to Lea Ann Remondet.

2017-2018  Judy Mahtook

The League would cease to exist without the support and wisdom shared by our Sustainers; thus each year one is picked as an honoree. This year’s Sustainer has long been remembered for her contributions during her League career, including chairing Tinsel & Treasures, collaborating on the plans for the current Headquarters, and leading the League with grace and elegance serving as the forty-fourth President. Her peers describe her as “steady and never quick to judge…always encouraging and someone who listens to all sides of any issue. If she asked you to do something you couldn’t say no to her. She is a true ambassador for Junior League!” Sustaining in 2006, she did not know that one of her biggest contributions would happen 12 years later. During a Past Presidents’ Panel at a Provisional Meeting in 2017, she simply said, “Sustainers are here to help you. All you have to do is ask.” As Sustaining Advisor to this year’s Management Team, she has been an invaluable asset as an advisor, mentor, cheerleader, and friend. She has supported, challenged, and more than anything, helped League members become their best. She was chosen for her grace, her poise, and her integrity. The 2017-2018 Sustainer of the Year is Judy Mahtook.

2016-2017  Lise Anne Slatten

Dr. Lise Anne Slatten, current Sustaining Advisor to the Board of Directors, was recognized as the 2016-2017 Sustainer of the Year. Lise Anne has been an active member of Junior League of Lafayette since 1988 and a sustaining member since 2000. Lise Anne served as President during JLL’s 40th year (1997-1998), the same year JLL was named “Nonprofit Organization of the Year” by the Better Business Bureau. Between 2011-2013, Lise Anne was an instrumental member of the AJLI Governance and Management Action Learning Team (ALT) which worked with AJLI to craft a new governance structure for Leagues. The current JLL board and management team structure we have today – and is implemented by Leagues across the country – was the product of that effort. Always prepared to learn something new, Lise Anne pursued an MBA from Tulane University (1995) then a Doctorate of Management from Case Western Reserve Univeristy (2009) while she was a JLL member. Since 2008 she has served on the faculty in UL Lafayette’s Moody College of Business Administration, and since 2015 has served the college as interim Associate Dean of Academic Programs. She currently holds the Morgan Keegan BORSF Professorship in Business Administration. Prior to teaching, she spent 20 years working in the nonprofit sector and has been recognized extensively for her active community involvement on local and state boards and committees. In 1997, she graduated from Leadership Lafayette Class XI. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Change for Chankayapuri, a New York-based nonprofit organization that raises money to send water purification tablets to the poorest areas of India, and Development Innovations 360, a Lafayette-based consulting firm providing services to Catholic schools and churches across the country. With a commitment to community service and outreach, she still finds time for cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. She was a charter member of the JLL “Talk About Books” book club that started in 2005, and relishes in the opportunity to “schedule some time in my life when I can just focus on books and friends and things I enjoy”.

2015-2016  Dawn Alexander & Tori Guidry

Dawn Alexander

Dawn Alexander began her League career in 1996 and served on various placements within the Community, Finance, and Personnel councils. She sustained in 2019, but returned in 2013 where she served a two-year placement on the Board of Directors as the first Chief Financial Officer of the League. She was a two-time ODI delegate. In 2015-2016, she served as Sustaining Advisor for the Management Team. Embodying the belief “For it is in giving that we receive,” Dawn has proven her commitment to promote volunteerism, develop the potential of women, and improve the community.

Additionally, Dawn volunteers for Krewe des Jeunes Amis where she is currently serving as President of the Executive Board, and as a Coordinator by Fatima Mercy Works through Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. With her husband of 17 years and two children, William and Mary Morgan, she enjoys living in a community that has such a love, devotion, and faith in God.

Tori Guidry

Tori Guidry began her Junior League journey in 1998, serving as the 37th President of Junior League of Lafayette (1994-1995) before sustaining in 1997. She has remained involved as a Sustaining Advisor for various committees, the Management Team (2013-2014), and the Board under Presidents Molly Kallenberger (1998-1999), Tracy Ralson (2014-2015), and Maggie Simar (2015-2016).

Beyond the League, Tori is a Partner Attorney with The Guidry Law Group, and has given her time to multiple community organizations including Girl Scouts (serving three years as President of the Council), Volunteer Center, United Way of Acadiana, Lafayette Education Foundation, Planned Gving Council of Acadiana, Ascension Day School, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, and most recently, the Children’s Museum of Acadiana, where she currently serves as President of the Board of Directors.

2014-2015  Beth Finch

Doctor Beth Finch has lived in Lafayette for 35 years and generously shares her talents with our community. An accomplished educator and businesswoman, Beth holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations, a MBA and a PhD. Her busy life includes being a mother, a retired tenured associate professor of accounting, a business owner, a consultant, a Junior League of Lafayette Sustainer, a participant in church ministries, an avid supporter of and participant in the arts, a published writer and lyricist and a busy volunteer.

Beth joined Junior League of Lafayette to learn more about her community and to meet other women who believed in the value of volunteerism. Some of her closest friends she has met through JLL service. During her active years, Beth’s placements included The Family Tree Counseling Center, Community Research and Project Development (former chair), Community Advisory Board (former chair), Community Vice-President, Advisory Planning Committee, Board Member and Executive Committee Member. Since sustaining, she has most recently served as Tinsel & Treasures Sustaining Advisor, Web & Tech Sustaining Advisor, Sustainer Liaison Committee member and she currently chairs the Issue-Based Community Impact Committee. Beth enjoys being a part of Talk About Books and the Sustainer Mah Jongg Group.

Beyond her Junior League of Lafayette volunteer activities, Beth currently serves our community on the boards of The Lafayette Public Library Foundation, Friends of the Humanities and Chorale Acadienne. Through the years, she served on the boards of PASA and Acadiana Woman’s Symphony League, was a member of the William Jewell College President’s Advisory Committee and various committees of the United Way of Acadiana, First Baptist Christian School and Westminster Christian Academy. FoodNet counts Beth among its many volunteers. As a long time member of and performer with Chorale Acadienne, Beth asserts her deep convictions regarding the value of having a vibrant arts community. She has also performed with the ULL Opera Guild.

Her Christian faith is the guiding force in Beth’s life. As a committed member at First Baptist Church, Beth works with Children’s Choirs, sings in the Adult Choir and performs in church productions. She has taught Discipleship Training, Sunday School and Bible classes and ministered as a FAITH team member. She has served on the Women’s Ministry Counsel and the Sunday School Council, taught Sunday School and directed and played with the Handbell Choir. Beth has also traveled on mission trips, most recently with Another Child Foundation to work with the Roma women and children in Romania.

Junior League of Lafayette is proud to name Dr. Beth Finch as the 2015 Sustainer of the Year.

2013-2014  Judy Kennedy

2012-2013  Linda Alesi

2011-2012  Janet Begnaud

2010-2011  Faith Quirk Moody

2009-2010  Lisa Breaux

2008-2009  Karen Veillon McGlasson

2007-2008  Nedra Andrus

2006-2007  Barbara Bills

2005-2006  Jennifer Briggs

2004-2005  Cecile Mouton

2003-2004  Laura Ann Edwards

2002-2003 Margaret Trahan

2001-2002 Debbie Mahony

2000-2001 Janice Beyt

1999-2000 Debbie Foreman

1998-1999 Ellen Cook

1997-1998 Allison Staton

1996-1997 Miriam Bourgeois

1995-1996 Sharon Bourgeois

1994-1995 Linda Supple

1993-1994 Renee’ Durio

1992-1993 Pat Low

1991-1992 Marie Doiron

1990-1991 Mary Jeansonne

1989-1990 Lynn Blevins

1988-1989 Edye Mayers

1987-1988 Elaine Abell

1986-1987 Maggie Danna

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Active of the Year

This award is given to the Active member who has gone above-and-beyond in her year of service. She is the ultimate Junior League of Lafayette volunteer, having given of her time and energy without any expectation of recognition for her service. She gives of herself because of her deep and profound care of our Mission. She works hard with her peers to accomplish her goals, and in doing so, makes our organization stronger. This member uses her natural talents and abilities to make each task and project excel, and her drive for excellence has led to a new standard of success this year.

2021-2022 Dr. Melody Baham Waltz

Dr. Melody Baham Waltz served as Little Black Dress Initiative Chair for the 2021-2022 League year. During the 2020-2021 League year, she researched and presented information about this new fundraiser and accepted the challenge of becoming the first Member to chair this event. Melody took on this task with absolute enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. She was eager to take suggestions, work hard, and always happy to work with others. Her positivity was infectious and her “can-do spirit” was something to admire. She oversaw the planning and execution of this weeklong event and helped the League exceed its fundraising goal. Her dedication to the Mission and drive for excellence has set a standard for the success of Little Black Dress Initiative. 

2020-2021 Cindy Mayeux & Jena Dufrene

Cindy Mayeux served as the Tinsel & Treasures Chair for the 2020-2021 League year. When confronted with the pandemic, Cindy took the League’s biggest fundraiser, Tinsel & Treasures, and pivoted it to a stellar online market with virtual events. Cindy is a leader who other members look up to and are inspired by. After serving as a teacher for 11 years at Episcopal School of Acadiana, she remains at the school as the Director of Parent & Alumni Engagement. Upon receipt of the award she encouraged everyone, “Together we can accomplish anything!”

Jena Dufrene fulfilled her placement as Tinsel & Treasures Special Events Co-Coordinator beautifully, she then went above and beyond to assist our Communications Council and Administrative Liaison with rising virtual needs. She is a UL Ragin Cajun who took production classes as “electives;” however, those classes came in handy this year, as Jena was quick to lend a hand to make sure our virtual meetings and events were magical. At her core, Jena is ingenious, creative, and resourceful. She is a leader who other members want to work with, and she continues to bring valuable resources and leadership to the League, stating upon receipt of her award, “I am just getting started!”

2019-2020  Kristen White

The Active of the Year is chosen for service above and beyond her placement. Kristen White led the Cookbook committee with grace and positivity that permeated throughout her committee and the League. She worked tirelessly promoting all four cookbooks both internally and externally, while also partnering with the Rodrigue Family and the Southern Food & Beverage Museum to highlight the 40th Anniversary of Talk About Good II. Our celebration and success this year wouldn’t have been the same without the hard work and dedication of Kristen White.

2018-2019  Margo Dugas

Similar to the Provisional Award, the Active of the Year Award is nominated by current members. This year’s awardee dealt with a tremendous amount of juggling throughout each week, was flexible with her time, and she gracefully served two very demanding League placements this year. Her organizational abilities and responsiveness are like no other—always willing to help, and going above and beyond the expectations of her role. Her accessibility, collaborative spirit and dedication are a few reasons she was chosen by her peers as Active of the Year. Margo Dugas was awarded the 2018-2019 Active of the Year Award.

2017-2018  Amy Miller

This year’s Active of the Year did a tremendous amount of juggling throughout each week. She was flexible with her time and in constant contact with her Chair ensuring any necessary adjustments were made for a perfectly completed task. Communication within the League on a weekly basis is crucial – and it’s the one reliable platform members can easily find in their inboxes, filled with important news and alerts. Even as extenuating circumstances carried her to North Louisiana, she still remained 100% committed to her role, driving in for every General Membership Meeting in order to complete her term. Her organizational abilities and responsiveness are unmatched – always willing to help, and going above and beyond the expectations of her role. Her accessibility, collaborative spirit, and dedication to delivering on-time, attractive, and comprehensive member communication is the reason that she was chosen. The 2017-2018 Active of the Year is Amy Miller.

2016-2017  Elizabeth Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons was recognized as the 2016-2017 Active of the Year because she embodies this quote by Elizabeth Andrew: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” Elizabeth has been an active member of Junior League of Lafayette for four years, serving initially on Kids in the Kitchen Activities Committee and Collaborative Opportunity Grants Night Committee. She has also represented the League as an ODI delegate. Her most recent placements show what a special woman she is. Elizabeth keeps the League’s online and digital operations running smoothly by troubleshooting Digital Cheetah issues and answering all of our tech-related questions. Not only did she agree to serve as Internal Web Coordinator for the past two years, she gracefully agreed to a double-placement this year by taking on the additional role of External Web Coordinator. Of her most recent placement, her Vice President said, “She is calm… and effective! These traits are evident in all of her League work! The work she has completed over the last two years will be noticed by members and the community for years to come.” Elizabeth shared that she felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve alongside so many strong, intelligent, and most of all kind and caring women. One particular instance stands out for her. She noted that she was touched when eleven women from the Communications Council volunteered time in addition to their placements to help “reskin” the website. Of that experience, Elizabeth says, “When we all got together it was one of those times when you say ‘This is what the League is all about.’”

2015-2016  Jennifer Raggio

Jennifer Raggio lives the League Mission in all aspects of her personal, professional, and volunteer life. First, she is committed to volunteerism. In 2015-2016, she completed her initial League obligation as Communications Tinsel & Treasures Liaison, and then agreed to a second placement as Sponsorship Development Chair. Also in this year, she served as an ODI delegate and a PEP Member at large. Additionally, she has helped to develop the potential of many women, as an organized and motivated leader. Her committee members praised her as “calm under pressure” and “all around easy to work with.” Finally, her efforts to improve the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers are already under way, as the newly named Fund Development Committee exceeded its fundraising goal for the new Kitchen Tour Event this spring, and is already working at raising funds for Tinsel & Treasures 2016. Jennifer has done all this while working full-time as Director of Marketing & Communications at United Way of Acadiana, and caring for her family of four (soon to be five).

2014-2015  Frances Attenhofer & Alise Hagan

Frances Attenhofer

Frances began her Junior League career in Alexandria, Louisiana. She transferred to Junior League of Lafayette in 2013. She recently completed her seventh year of active membership. This past year she served as the Cookbook Chair and also served on the Endowment Task Force. Frances will continue to serve Junior League of Lafayette and the community as 2015–2016 Kitchen Tour, Co-Chair.

She is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University and is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Northwestern State University. She lives in Lafayette with her husband Larry and their three children: Isabel (11), Abby (9) and Luke (4).

When asked about receiving the award, Frances said “I am honored and deeply humbled to receive this award. As a transfer in, I have found this League to be warm and welcoming. I have worked with some truly inspirational women and look forward to working with many more. I am very grateful to the League for this honor.”

Alise Hagan

A Lafayette native, Alise Chabaud Hagan returned to her hometown with her young family in 2008 and felt the call to serve the community in a tangible and meaningful way. A coworker urged her to consider joining Junior League of Lafayette and she became a provisional member of the 2009–2010 class. This past year, Alise completed her fifth active year as Provisional Chair. The “We Can Do It” theme was embraced by the provisional class and advisers who committed to living the mission.

Previously, Alise served as a Placement Advisor, Collaborative Opportunity Grants Night Coordinator, Kids in the Kitchen Chair and committee member. She attended AJLI’s Organizational Development Institute (ODI) in Dallas, TX, in February 2013. Additionally, in January 2015, she joined the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana as the JLL representative.

Alise earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana State University in 2001, and a Master in Technical and Professional Communication (MTPC) from Auburn University in 2003. She has worked at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette since 2008, serving in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and then in the Office of Distance Learning. In January 2015, she became the first Director of Institutional Assessment. She is currently on the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Alumni Board and will serve as the president-elect next year. Alise and her husband, Kevin, have two children: Spencer (7) and Natalie (5).

When asked about receiving the Active of the Year award, Alise said, “Junior League of Lafayette has enriched my life in ways I didn’t know were possible. While I’ve always been active in service and volunteerism, the League is the only organization I’ve been a part of that is committed to developing the potential of women –our legacy as members will be the women who contribute their time and talents to ensure lasting community change. This past year, the Provisionals embraced the “We Can Do It” theme wholeheartedly and, in our own small way, I saw the impact we have on others. Whether we are building a playground or building confidence, developing a budget or developing leaders, each of us as League members is responsible for living the mission. I am forever grateful to Junior League of Lafayette for bringing together the unique talents of women to promote change and make a difference for the families in this community. I am honored to be a part of this organization, and humbled to be selected as Active of the Year among so many extraordinary women.”

2013-2014  Louise Lambert

2012-2013  Katherine McCormick

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Provisional of the Year

The Provisional of the Year award is given to the woman who has portrayed outstanding qualities as a Provisional member. She has completed all of her course requirements to become a new Active member of Junior League of Lafayette. She has shown great enthusiasm for her work as a Provisional, and also portrayed outstanding leadership skills among her peers. Her classmates and advisors hold her in the highest regard, and she is sure to accomplish great things in her time as an Active member. The future of Junior League of Lafayette shines even brighter with the committed service of this member.

2021-2022 Dana Malveaux

Dana Malveaux Arceneaux emerged as a natural leader and inspiration to the group. She showed great enthusiasm for her work as a Provisional, portrayed outstanding leadership skills, and was chosen by her peers for this special award. As a Member of the Provisional Leadership Team, Dana helped coordinate, advertise, and produce monthly social events and a holiday celebration. She is active in the Lafayette community and brings excellent planning and communications skills to the League. 

2020-2021 Emily Bourque

The Provisional of the Year is chosen by her fellow Provisionals as the woman who best represents the spirit and enthusiasm of the class. This year’s recipient embodies the Junior League Mission and values in all that she does. During a time when digital contact was greater than personal, her inclusivity of others, willingness to participate and take initiative, and dedication to our community has shown through — even from her gym office during cheerleading practice. She helped lead and coordinate the Provisional project with New Hope Community Center ensuring all aspects of the project were covered and within budget. We are honored to present Emily Bourque as the 2020-2021 Provisional of the Year.

2019-2020  Shamika Mamou

Shamika Mamou, our Provisional of the Year, not only has the most beautiful and contagious smile, but more importantly, has the most positive and infectious attitude. Her strong leadership skills and cheerful demeanor really shone through while leading the class in their Provisional Project. The entire Provisional Class spoke in unison when they chose her as their Provisional of the Year. The future of our organization is definitely bright with leaders like Shamika in the League!

2018-2019  Courtney Boudreaux

The Provisional of the Year Award recipient is chosen by her fellow peers as the woman who best represented the commitment and energy of the class. The recipient this year embodied the Junior League Mission in all that she touched and showed true dedication to the class community project and to the League. It was her calm spirit and kind interactions with her fellow Provisionals, advisors, Lafayette Parish School System employees and the children at the event which really set her apart. The 2018-2019 Provisional of the Year was awarded to Courtney Boudreaux.

2017-2018  Randi Landry

The Provisional of the Year is chosen by her fellow Provisionals as the woman who best represents the spirit and enthusiasm of the class. This year’s recipient embodies Junior League of Lafayette’s Mission in all that she does for Acadiana, while showing true dedication to the class project and to the League. She was positive, professional and never missed a beat, always arriving ready to work and participating in any way she could. However, it’s her strength of character during difficult times that set her apart this year. She showed grace under pressure, and commitment to both the project and her classmates. The 2017-2018 Provisional of the Year is Randi Landry.

2016-2017  Courtney Neidetcher & Daphne Olivier

The Provisional of the Year Award recipient is selected by her peers in the Provisional Class and is someone who the entire class feels went above and beyond. This year, we have two whom embodied teamwork and dedication. This year, the Provisional of the Year Award winners are Courtney Neidetcher and Daphne Olivier. These ladies made attendance at Provisional Meetings and General Membership Meetings a priority. They completed their other provisional obligations in a timely and effortless manner. When asked to volunteer for leadership roles, they did not hesitate at all. They spent countless hours planning, helping implement, and promoting the Provisional Project: a very ambitious THREE month project, called “SEED, READ and FEED” that introduced gardening, literacy and healthy food choices to the children at Bridge Ministry. They were resourceful, creative, compassionate, enthusiastic, ambitious and dedicated. As Dr. Seuss said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” And these two ladies care a whole awful lot!

Courtney Neidetcher

One of her classmates said this of Courtney Neidetcher: “Courtney was a true gem to the Provisional Class of 2016-2017. She approached each task with enthusiasm and excitement and always lifted the spirits of those around her. Courtney was quick to volunteer for anything that was needed and always with a smile on her face. It is no surprise she accepted the position of Communications Vice President for the provisional community project with Bridge Ministry. She led her team with efficiency, dignity and grace. Her commitment to JLL may be just beginning, but it will undoubtedly be long. Courtney is a true asset to the League and our community.

Daphne Olivier

One of her classmates said this of Daphne Olivier: “Daphne, otherwise known as the ‘unconventional dietitian,’ has been an asset to the 2016-2017 Provisional Class. She spent countless hours on our provisional project, serving as our Executive Vice President. Given her background and passion for nutrition, Daphne brought a wealth of knowledge to the provisional project. She was not only hard working, hands on and dedicated to the project, but also encouraged her co-workers. Daphne is an awesome worker and has an exceptional work ethic. She not only led by example, but also allowed others to cultivate their ideas and be involved as well. She did all of this with a positive attitude and warm friendly smile!

2015-2016  Beth Resweber

Beth Resweber contributed over 200 hours to the League and maintained perfect attendance at all Provisional Meetings and at all but one General Meetings. Beth chaired the Fall Community Project with Hospice of Acadiana. The staff at Hospice was so impressed with the Provisionals’ volunteerism under Beth’s leadership that they bestowed the esteemed Jewell P. Lowe Award to the 2015 – 2016 Provisional Class. She did all this while fighting against breast cancer.

Beth’s fellow Provisionals shared these sentiments about her:

“She has always gone the extra mile to be a team player, is friendly to all, and make everyone feel appreciated!”

“With all that she is going through, she maintains such a bright spirit. She keeps our class’s morale up just by showing up to meetings and events and being herself. She is a humble fighter who we can all learn from. She truly is a rock star and I’m blessed to be in the same Provisional class as her.”

“She never has an excuse not to help. She is one of the most giving people I’ve even met. She is an asset to the League. Her spirit is infections, and I just love being around her.”

In her League career, she reminded us all that granting us the joy of filling someone’s need is a gift.

2014-2015  Kelly Grenier

Kelly, a native of Lafayette, graduated from LSU in 2003 with a degree in Biochemistry. She met her husband, Derek, at LSU and traveled the U.S. while he served as an engineer in the Army. She eventually settled back in Cajun country to work as an Analytical Technologist for BP and more recently a Chemist for Sasol North America. She and Derek have two wonderful children, Conner (4) and Mackenzie (2). Kelly joined Junior League of Lafayette to give back to the community that gave so much to her as a child. During her provisional year, she led the life skills seminars at New Life Center, co-chaired the fall project for Camp Bon Coeur, and volunteered for Junior Quiz Bowl, the Second Harvest Collaborative Opportunity Grant and NO FEAR NO FUTURE. Kelly’s provisional year has been a busy and fulfilling one. She would like to thank her family, fellow Provisionals, and Alise Hagan and Elizabeth Laborde for their unconditional support. Most importantly, Kelly has learned that no matter the goal, as a group of determined, loving, strong, generous and gracious women- “We Can Do It, together!” Kelly looks forward to further serving Junior League of Lafayette and the community as 2015 – 2016 Cookbook, Step-Up Chair.

2013-2014  Roya Boustany

2012-2013  Paige Capell

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