Community Advisory Board

The Purpose of the Community Advisory Board is:

  1. To advise Junior League of Lafayette in areas of finance and public relations
  2. To inform of opportunities for voluntarism and community involvement
  3. To educate community leaders about Junior League
  4. To serve as resources for information for Junior League

The Community Advisory Board for Junior League of Lafayette has been established to enhance public relations and to seek objective opinions from community leaders on certain issues. It is a committee developed to provide a two-way communication link between the League and our community.

The composition of the Community Advisory Board consists of ten community leaders and seven Junior League of Lafayette members.  The representatives from Junior League are the President, President-Elect, Executive Vice President, Community Vice-President, Communications Vice-President, Secretary, Sustaining Advisor to the Board and the immediate Past President.

The ten community leaders are selected for a two-year term, with half rotating off each year. Terms begin June 1 and end May 31 of each year. No community member shall serve consecutive terms.

Meetings of the Community Advisory Board will be chaired by the President-Elect, who is responsible for the orientation of new members.

2018-2020 Term

Jonathan Koob

Chief Robert Benoit

Jennifer LeMeunier

Donna Landry

Dr. Monique Monteilh

2019-2021 Term

Ben Broussard

Yvette Quantz

Dr. Annie Spell

Andre Breaux

Chris Roy