Junior League of Lafayette began in 1957 as Service League of Lafayette. The 17 women who organized the Service League were Mrs. Bella Nickerson Abramson, Mrs. Emalie Comegys, Jr., Mrs. Margaret Ramsey Copeland, Mrs. Azalie Crain, Mrs. Geraldine Fontenot, Mrs. Malise Foster, Mrs. Jean Frazell, Mrs. Martha Green, Mrs. Frances Wallace, Mrs. Barbara Hartwell, Mrs. Irene Hetherwick, Mrs. Susie Hughes, Mrs. Janelle Morgan, Mrs. Woodthrow Meeker, Mrs. Lucille Copeland, Mrs. Mary Ann Sadler and Mrs. Martha Smith. Three Honorary Members were Mrs. W. W. Hawkins, Mrs. Donald Labbe, and Mrs. Bennett Voorhies. This group formed the charter membership. In 1974, the Service League of Lafayette was admitted into the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., and officially became Junior League of Lafayette.

Since 1957, Junior League of Lafayette has continued the vision of Mary Harriman, founder of Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., through its ongoing efforts to affect positive change in the community of Lafayette. Over these 60 years, Junior League of Lafayette has provided trained volunteers for community service in areas of local need including child health/development, education, health/well-being, social services, substance abuse prevention, teens/juvenile justice, voluntarism and the arts. Through the tireless fundraising efforts of our members and the tremendous community support over the years, Junior League of Lafayette has raised over $6.5 million to fund and support our Mission.

Whether through the hands-on work of our volunteers, or by funding League-sponsored community projects, or by making direct grants to nonprofit organizations whose interests and priorities are consistent with our Mission statement, the rich history and tradition of service of Junior League of Lafayette continues to grow!

Major Recipients of Junior League of Lafayette Community Funds 1957-Present

Acadian Village

Acadiana Animal Aid

Acadiana Arts Council

Acadiana Shelter for Girls

American Red Cross

The Child Safe Visitation Center of Acadiana


Extra Mile

The Family Tree/Family Tree Counseling Services

FoodNet Bank of Lafayette

The Grief Center

Healing House

Hospice Foundation of Acadiana

Junior Symphony

LARC Treats in the Village

Maddie’s Footprints

Natural History Museum

New Home Community Development of Acadiana

Outreach Center for Women and Children

Shinning Light Foundation

Southwest Louisiana Rehabilitation Center

The University Art Museum

The Volunteer Center of Lafayette

Fundraising 1957-present

Mexican Supper (1957-58) $424

Follies (1957-59, 1964-65, 1973-74) $30,100

Silk Stocking Review (1958-59) $4,848

Riverboat Rambles (1958-59) $1,306

Doll Raffle (1958-59) $362

Hawaiian Luau (1959-60) $8,500

Broadway Theatre League (1960-62) $22,500

Music Man Production (1962-63) $772

Gypsy Party (1963-64) $8,300

International Bazaar (1965-66) $5,561

Charity Ball (1966-69) $19,800

Talk About Good I, II , Something to Talk About and Tell Me More (1967-present) $1,251,891

Bayou Oaks Charity Horse Show (1969-70) $10,500

Southern Shooting Stars Basketball Exhibition (1971-72) $5,400

Drowning Pool Movie Premier (1975-76) $11,000

Talk About Tennis Exhibition (1976-78) $67,000

It Was Great in ’58 (1979-80) $30,100

Christmas Comes Alive (1980-92) $458,943

Culinary Classic (1990-95, 1997) $106,794

Talk About Treasures (1993) $36,860

Tinsel & Treasures (1994-present) $6,009,376

Kitchen Tour (2015-present) $39,837