President’s Message

Welcome to Junior League of Lafayette!

We are an organization of women focused on improving our community and united by our passion for training and fostering the next generation of women as community and civic leaders. We offer a unique volunteer experience through comprehensive leadership development, community service and lifelong friendships. We are now more than 600 women strong, all with diverse backgrounds, interests and experiences; together with our community partners and sponsors, we have developed a rich history of service and thriving volunteer organization.

For 63 years, our community impact remains deeply-rooted in supporting local agencies and partners. In 2020, we will reach a milestone 25th anniversary with Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana! Our Kids in the Kitchen program has become a legacy project with BGCA, focusing on nutrition and wellness. The Diaper Bank, one of our newest projects, supplies the DesOrmeaux Foundation and other local agencies with diapers for the most vulnerable in our community. From the inception of The Family Tree 40 years ago, to our current partnerships with the Lafayette Parish School System, Miles Perret Cancer Services, and multiple nonprofits who benefit from our Collaborative Opportunity Grant program, Junior League of Lafayette’s community impact is remarkable.

The success of our community programs is only possible through the hard work and generosity of our member volunteers and corporate sponsors. Our member volunteers plan and host fundraising events, like Tinsel & Treasures holiday market, and also foster relationships with our generous sponsors. In turn, our sponsors financially support our community programs as well as our fundraising efforts at Tinsel & Treasures. Each contribution is exponentially greater because of the woman-power that brings our Vision of “Women as Leaders for Lasting Community Change” to fruition.

Whether you are interested in becoming a community partner, sponsor or Tinsel & Treasures merchant; purchasing one of our award-winning Cookbooks; or becoming a member, I invite you to learn more by exploring Junior League of Lafayette’s website. Our collaboration with you, in support of our Mission, will ensure that we continue to remain a pillar of community service in Lafayette because we are BETTER TOGETHER!

Best regards,

Dr. Melanie Fowler

Past Presidents

For 63 years, our Presidents have given their time and talents to lead the League with grace and dedication. We honor these women for their efforts, leadership and continued love for Junior League of Lafayette.

1957-1959    Mrs. Margaret Ramsey Copeland*

1959-1960    Mrs. Azalie Crain*

1960-1961     Mrs. Luicille Copeland*

1961-1962     Mrs. Martha D. Smith*

1962-1963    Mrs. Helen Bailey*

1963-1964    Mrs. Sue Butler*

1964-1965    Mrs. Felicia Elsbury*

1965-1966    Mrs. Toni Nelson*

1966-1967    Mrs. Lesleen Owen

1967-1968    Mrs. Janet Begneaud

1968-1969    Mrs. Betty Walker

1969-1970    Mrs. Jean Durke

1970-1971     Mrs. Nedra Andrus*

1971-1972     Mrs. Malise Foster

1972-1973     Mrs. Natalee Wood*

1973-1974     Mrs. Sarah Beacham*

1974-1975     Mrs. Marilyn Hoffpauir*

1975-1976     Mrs. Mary Buie Skelton

1976-1977     Mrs. Jan Hamilton

1977-1978     Mrs. Sally Herpin

1978-1979     Mrs. Brenda Hawes

1979-1980     Mrs. Anne Sonnier-Calhoun

1980-1981     Mrs. Kathy Killeen

1981-1982     Mrs. Leslie Hayes

1982-1983     Mrs. Joanie Hill

1983-1984     Mrs. Ginny Maier

1984-1985     Mrs. Mary Jeasonne

1985-1986     Mrs. Lynn Blevins

1986-1987     Mrs. Pat Low

1987-1988     Mrs. Pam Showers

1988-1989     Mrs. Kay Hebert

1989-1990     Mrs. Debbie Mahony

1990-1991      Mrs. Miriam Bourgeois

1991-1992      Mrs. Renee Durio

1992-1993      Mrs. Margaret Trahan

1993-1994      Mrs. Debbie Foreman

1994-1995      Mrs. Tori Guidry

1995-1996      Mrs. Melanie Martin

1996-1997      Mrs. Cecile Mouton

1997-1998      Dr. Lise Anne Slatten

1998-1999      Mrs. Molly Kallenberger

1999-2000     Mrs. Marcia Metzner

2000-2001     Mrs. Deborah Terrible

2001-2002     Mrs. Judy Mahtook

2002-2003     Mrs. Jeigh Stipe

2003-2004     Mrs. Marilyn Lee

2004-2005     Mrs. Faith Moody

2005-2006     Mrs. Angela Morrison

2006-2007     Mrs. Lea Ann Remondet

2007-2008     Mrs. Sarah Hamilton Berthelot

2008-2009     Mrs. Cynthia Devillier Thompson

2009-2010      Mrs. Stacy Patin

2010-2011        Mrs. Meg Chase

2011-2012        Mrs. Christa Billeaud

2012-2013       Mrs. Alison Howard

2013-2014       Mrs. Shannon Dartez

2014-2015       Mrs. Tracy Ralston

2015-2016       Mrs. Maggie Simar

2016-2017       Mrs. Julie Ann Broussard

2017-2018       Mrs. Corinne Cotten Sprague

2018-2019       Mrs. Mary Courville

2019-2020      Mrs. Angelle Adams