Kids in the Kitchen

The Kids in the Kitchen Committee spend Monday and Thursday evenings from September to April teaching children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana about healthy eating and healthy living.

The Kitchen Crew introduce new foods to the KITK participants through a variety of simple recipes. The recipes have easy to follow instructions and use basic ingredients. The children learn that healthy food can taste better than expected and be fun to prepare and eat. “Sushi sandwiches” with fruit and yogurt parfaits are amongst the most popular recipes!

Upon the completion of each session a graduation dinner is held at a local restaurant. The graduation dinner celebrates the work and learnings of the participants in addition to an opportunity for them to practice their learned table etiquette.  Each participant is given a Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook and a t-shirt.

One component which was implemented into the program recently, was the goal of teaching the children the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. The Activities Crew utilize exercise balls and therapy bands in lessons about exercise, and the children especially enjoy participating in Zumba. The children learn about the importance of being healthy and physically fit from guest speakers, including former and current college football players, a former Mrs. Louisiana, Michelle Merrill, and Kids in the Kitchen Committee members.

Individuals Served Annually: 271