Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Corinne Cotten Sprague, President

Mary Courville, President-Elect

Melanie Fowler, Executive Vice President

Carlee Alm-LaBar, Chief Financial Officer

Rita Goodrich, Secretary

Elizabeth Johnson, Nominating & Board Development

Angela Cring, Director-at-Large

Allison Dickerson, Director-at-Large

Christina Harper Olivier, Director-at-Large

Melissa Maeker, Director-at-Large

Alise Hagan, Governance Advisory Panel Chair

Alison Howard, Sustaining Advisor to the Board

Management Team

Melanie Fowler, Executive Vice President

Cydra Wingerter, Communications Vice President

Caroline Potier, Placement Chair

Paige Capell, Community Vice President

Monica Zuschlag, Financial Vice President

Amy Courvelle, Personnel Vice President

Judy Mahtook, Sustaining Advisor to Management Team

Monique Gideon, Accounting Manager

Kathryn Hesse, Communications Assistant