Interest Groups

Junior League of Lafayette members serve as representatives on the board of directors of other nonprofit organizations. Junior League members are able to offer advisory support because they are well trained in nonprofit operations. They understand how committees and boards function and work together to achieve a mission. Agencies interested in filling a board position with a JLL member should contact the Community Vice President at League headquarters for more information.

Nonprofit organizations that Junior League of Lafayette takes a special interest in and has members that serve on their boards are listed below.

Boys and Girls Clubs
of Acadiana
Healing House
Cathy Lagrange Mary Courville
Family Tree Community Foundation of
Acadiana Funders Council
 Rebecca Bayless Alison Alleman


Junior League of Lafayette is also represented in the Leadership Institute of Acadiana through the active involvement of JLL President and President-Elect. Junior League of Lafayette has received the outstanding nonprofit award from the Better Business Bureau and was recently recognized as the “Outstanding Philanthropic Organization” awarded by the Planned Giving Council of Acadiana.